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Weights & Skates
Skating Instruction
For Beginners:
  Learn basic skating skills, turning and stopping with confidence and control.

For Intermediate Skaters:
  Learn new skills such as Spin Stop, T-Stop, skating backwards and more.

Private Lessons or Group Lessons

Adults and Kids

Lessons conducted in Central Park, Prospect Park, Marine Park, and other convenient areas in NYC.
Paul Rankin, personal trainer
Paul Rankin

About Me
  I have been skating all of my life but really became passionate about it since inlines were introduced over 20 years ago. I instruct beginners and intermediates on how to balance, skate, turn, and most importantly - stop! I specialize in recreational, fitness, and street skating with an emphasis on fun and safety. I utilize my background as a Personal Trainer to aid students who are interested in an aerobic fitness training program as well.

  I am Certified and insured by the International Inline Skating Association (I.I.S.A.), The United Skate Schools Group (U.S.S.G.), Skate Instructors Association (Skate IA) and the National Skate Patrol. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Empire Skate Club of New York, and participate regularly on the 'Wednesday Night Skate' and other group distance skates, and have raced in the NYC Skate Marathon. I am also associated with the Central Park Skate Patrol.

Personal Training
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