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What is Cardio-Tennis?
  Heart-Pumping Fitness!
  Fun, Group Fitness Activity
  Taught by a Tennis Professional
  Class size is 6-10 participants
  Players of ALL abilities can be on
     the court at the same time!

It is less about forehands and backhands and more about getting players moving!

Cardio-Tennis is a whole new, fun way to play tennis and get a great workout.

Segments of a One-Hour Cardio-Tennis Class:
  Warm-up: 5-10 minutes
  Cardio-Tennis workout: 30-50 minutes
  Cool down: 5-10 minutes

Participants monitor their own heart rates using Polar HR monitors or by taking their pulse. They stay in their Aerobic zone due to Interval Training at multiple high and low intensity levels. Some classes are conducted to music at 128-144 beats-per-minute.

Who can participate?
Anyone with basic tennis skills.
Beginners can have fun with more advanced players on the same court.

Where can you join a Cardio-Tennis class?
Contact me about finding or scheduling a Cardio-Tennis class.

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