Weights & SkatesWeights & Skates
Weights & Skates
Personal Training
 Conducted in your home, office, outdoors, or a private gym.
 Sport Specific Training for rollerblading, hockey, tennis, golf, and more.
 Personally designed exercise programs to help you:

 Lose Weight
 Tone and Firm
 Reduce Stress
 Improve strength, flexibility, and
 cardiovascular health
Paul Rankin, personal trainer
Paul Rankin

About Me
  I am enthusiastic about motivating people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals and have fun doing it. My individually designed programs utilize the latest exercise techniques and various equipment such as traditional weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, swiss balls, and the latest apparatus. Each session is planned to be different and exciting, including various workout programs such as Pilates and kickboxing.

My certifications include:
        American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) - Personal Trainer
        Aerobics & Fitness Assoc. of America (AFAA)
           - Group Exercise and Kickboxing Instructor
        The Equinox Fitness Training Institute - "Elite Plus" Level
        ECA World Fitness East Coast Instructor Training School
        Pilates Institute of America
        Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) - Tennis Instructor
        The American Red Cross - CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor

Skating Instruction
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